Your path has been clear to you and all along you knew that HR in Hi-tech is your thing. But somewhere along the line you realised that you are different, a square peg in a world of round holes, not exactly like everyone else.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, you value independence and think outside the box, you love to get involved and see things through from start to finish – you enjoy being on the ground working with only the best!

If this sounds familiar, then we are speaking to you!!
You are a born Startupist!

But what do Startups have to do with HR?

AddedValue leads Recuitment and other HR related growth processes in Startup companies which don’t have Human Resource departments. Our amazing recruitment managers lead every recruitment process from start to finish.

They work from within the Startup company itself, do meaningful sourcing, look managers and applicants in the eyes and make difficult and important recruitment decisions.

Beside high professional abilities, we are looking for someone with:

  • 41% Passion
  • 33% Curiosity
  • 15% Energy
  • 11% Positive attitude

Besides for all of that, experience with technological recruitment, high inter personal skills, multi-tasking and flexibility are all a MUST!

Still hesitating? Send us your resume.