While you are a Top Notch Recruiter, there are positions that requires a secret weapon.

Bottom Line

We close EXTRA challenging positions, those that are open for months, with a pipe of dozens candidates. We head hunt stars candidates – 100% passive, strictly matched and interested – meaning those who said YES! Without interfering in your recruitment process we hunt on your behalf then hand them baked to you.

Why Should You

Sourcing is a time and resource consuming effort, recruiters engaged in full cycle of recruitment so are able to invest only some of their time in sourcing – for some positions it is just not enough. Response rate of head hunt is known to be low (average of up to 5%), and extra rare or highly demanded profiles requires full attention, this is not realistic mission even for super skilled recruiter.

How do we succeed

We believe that Sourcing is science. We are a team of skilled Tech head hunters we implement the most advanced head hunt methodologies as well as unique tools and apps, which increases significantly the average of positive response (to 20%- 30%). We will stay with you up until the position is successfully recruited!

“It was a pleasure to work with your sourcer, she was a real partner and an integral part of our team. She took full responsibility, monitoring, cooperating, and sharing data”.

– Hadar Levy Yaniv, Senior HR Manager at env0