We believe that Startup recruitment requires advanced methods.
Developing these methods is our primary goal.

Added Value was founded in 2008 by Eyal and Liat Kling. We ourselves evolved as a Startup, developing and enriching our model and methodologies.

We are very lucky with the wonderful team we have, since it is not easy to find such passionate people who are always willing to take the ride with us.

We are on a mission to reinvent HR practice, making it efficient while ensuring it fits to our eco system – Startups. We believe that recruitment in Startups is a highly complex process, which requires a full overview of the ‘organization’ while achieving very high standards throughout. We understand Startups’ unique needs – hiring top talents that are hard to find in no time, with basic resources and getting it done.

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“The support is amazing…. and the launch and forget attitude is your best feature”

– Dan Valach, VP HR at SimilarWeb

“We managed to ramp up quickly, with people that had a good fit to the organization, saved a lot of management time and reached positive ROI”

– Itai Cohen, Co-Founder and COO at Rumble

“Loved it! Hila was professional, flexible, and pleasant. She was successful in connecting with the managers, handling effective process which yielded great results. Great solution for companies who need temp help or have no HR.”

– Rotem Kazir, VP HR & GM Israel at Forter

“The dedication of AddedValue’s team and their expertise (not just in recruiting) are beyond what we could have imagined. The depth of interviews and people management, accompanying us through the whole process of building a great and unique company- this is something that we never encounter before.”

– Chemi Katz, CO-Founder at Namogoo

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