We believe that Startup recruitment requires advanced methods.
Developing these methods is our primary goal.

Added Value was founded in 2008 by Eyal and Liat Kling. We ourselves evolved as a Startup, developing and enriching our model and methodologies.

We are very lucky with the wonderful team we have, since it is not easy to find such passionate people who are always willing to take the ride with us.

We are on a mission to reinvent HR practice, making it efficient while ensuring it fits to our eco system – Startups. We believe that recruitment in Startups is a highly complex process, which requires a full overview of the ‘organization’ while achieving very high standards throughout. We understand Startups’ unique needs – hiring top talents that are hard to find in no time, with basic resources and getting it done.

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“The support is amazing…. and the launch and forget attitude is your best feature”

– Dan Valach, VP HR at SimilarWeb

“What I like most about Added Value is that I got an experienced, top-notch recruiter, trained in sourcing, head hunting and helping me hire top tech talent. As a contractor, I was able to use the recruiter for 3-6 months or two years depending on my business’ needs. The recruiters from Added Value are highly skilled and go through a rigorous training program. They are professional, adept, and highly proficient at talent acquisition.

We started using Added Value when we were a very small, young start up. We hired almost 100 new employees in a span of one year and would not have been successful without the help of two very talented contract recruiters. Added value allowed us to go through a state of hypergrowth successfully and easily make the switch to hiring an internal Talent Acquisition Manager when we felt it was the right time.”

– Inbar Dayan, Director of People & Culture at BigID

“I like the maturity and high level of intelligence people that the HR partners bring to the table.”

– Anat Assaf, COO and Chief People Officer at aiOla

“The recruiters’ dedication and the cultural fit with our company are what I value most.”

– Ariel Palones, VP Operations at Mixtiles

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